Bonita Boyd

"The final aim and reason for all music is the glorification of God and the refreshment of the spirit."
-Johann Sebastian Bach

Upcoming EventS

Wisconsin Flute Festival- Guest Artist- April 2019

MasterWorks Festival-Guest Artist- June 24-30 2019

Aria International Festival-Artist Faculty-July 11-20, 2019

CREDO International Festival (Chicago)- Artist Faculty-July 22-27, 2019

“The Artistic Flutist” (Bonita Boyd International Seminar)- July 28-31, 2019

National Flute Association 2019 Convention, Salt Lake City-Performances- August 1-4, 2019

Northwest Flute and Piccolo Forum- Artist Faculty- August 5-10, 2019

Southeast Michigan Flute Association Festival- Guest Artist- October 5, 2019

Montana Flute Festival- Guest Artist- May 2-3, 2020

Recent Events

Artist in Residence: China Conservatory, Beijing. June 2017

Artist Faculty: Aria International Summer Academy, Massachusetts. July 2017

Artist Faculty: CREDO Flute Festival, Chicago. July 2017

The Artistic Flutist: Bonita Boyd International Masterclass, Eastman School of Music. August 2017. Luke Fitzpatrick, Artistic Director.

Guest Artist: University of Toronto School of Music. September 2017

Bonita Boyd & Nicholas Goluses Duo. Concert Tour of China. December 2017.

Guest Artist: University of Central Florida. March 2017

Judge: William Byrd Young Artist Competition. March 2017

Guest Artist: University of Kansas School of Music. Recital and Masterclass. March 2017

Guest Artist: Syracuse University, Setnor School of Music. Recital and Masterclass. February 2017

Guest Artist & Judge: Singapore International Flute Festival & Competition. January 2017

Eastman Artist Series. Trio Concert with Barry Snyder and Steven Doane. December 2016

Guest Artist  Masterclass: Rice University, Shepherd School of Music. November 2016

Solo Recital: Eastman Artist Series. September 2016

Masterclass: Aspen Festival. August 2016

Guest Artist: National Flute Association 2016 Convention, San Diego, CA

  • Friday Evening Gala Concert

  • Pedagogy Breakfast Speaker

  • Closing Concert Performance

First Annual Bonita Boyd International Flute Masterclass at Eastman School of Music: August 1-8, 2016.

  • Guest Artists: Aaron Goldman, Jessica Sindell

  • Executive Director: Luke Fitzpatrick

Artist Faculty: CREDO Chicago: July 25-30, 2016.

Artist Faculty: Aria International Festival: July 15-24, 2016.

Guest Artist: MasterWorks 2016: July 9, 2016. (performance of Katherine Hoover's "Four Winds" with Masterworks Symphony Orchestra)

Guest Artist: Flutissimo 2016 at the University of Georgia: June 20-24, 2016. 


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Billed as the greatest flutist of her generation, she may well be; she certainly set a mark for young (and older established) flutists to aim for.
— Fanfare Magazine
James Galway and Jean-Pierre Rampal are now joined in the forward ranks by a cheery young American girl named Bonita Boyd.
— Albert Goldberg, Los Angeles Times
…a flabbergasting account of her talent.
— Donal Henehan (senior critic), New York Times
Like Moiseiwitsch and Dame Myra Hess, Boyd’s playing is informed by a sense of unhurried serenity whether in episodes of reflective nature or in more bravura passages. And this, allied to a superbly secure flute line, a wide tonal range and a sure sense of style resulted in interpretative magic.
— The Australian
The American press compares her to James Galway and Jean-Pierre Rampal and her Frankfurt debut indeed confirmed that Bonita Boyd is a musician of great dimension.
— Frankfurter Allgemeine
Whether harmonizing or in unison with Boyd’s delicious flute, the combination is nectar for the ears. Boyd carries the melodic line with beauty and energy.
— American Record Guide
Bonita Boyd- the Horowitz of the Flute. Her recital was a compendium of marvels. Her physical command of the instrument is virtually beyond reproach and, in a keyboard context, would have warranted the description Horowitzian.
— The Western Australian
Boyd’s ripe tone, sure technique, and sensitive response to the different pieces add up to the sort of joyous communicativeness that can hold its own in the most august musical company.
— Stereo Review
Talk about your magic flute. When Bonita Boyd and the Savannah Symphony finished the first movement, the audience couldn’t restrain itself. Contrary to symphonic etiquette, which demands that listeners sit in chloroformed silence waiting for the composition’s end even if someone has just knocked their socks off, the crowd showered Boyd with rapturous applause. She’s clearly one of the world’s great flutists.
— Savannah Morning News

Bonita Boyd 2016 International Masterclass, Eastman School of Music.